Lo Wu Station 02.02.2020

Two explosive devices found on a passenger train were remotely set off. A Pro-protest Telegram channel have claimed they are behind this terrorist attack.

A MTR staff found a plastic bag under the stool on a passenger train that had reached the Lo Wu terminal. The staff first thought that it was only a lost item and brought it to the platform. However, later he found a suspicious electric wire device inside. Police immediately blocked the scene and waited for the explosives disposal section to arrive. At about 3:50 pm, the suspicious object suddenly exploded into flames, emitting a large amount of white smokes.

According to the Police explosive specialist, if the bomb exploded in a concealed train, it's explosion and smoke could cause a large amount of civilian causalities.

A large amount of civilians have to be evacuated from the platform. Civilians are restricted from Lo Wu station when the police search for further explosives.

A Pro-protest Telegram channel have claimed they are behind this terrorist attack (they also claimed responsibility on a previous bomb attack in a hospital). They have declared that planting a bomb is very easy. They might plant multiple bombs in the future. They also said that if they win, they would be a hero. They would only be labelled a terrorist if they lose.





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