Taxi Driver

Police Gun

Undercover Police

Yuen Long 7.21 

Prince edward 8.31

Why these "indiscriminate attack victims" are actually rioters in disguise?

Prince Edward 31.08.2019

How protesters lied about the attack and how "dead people" are coming back alive?

Prince Edward 31.08.2019


How video proves that the Taxi Driver is innocent and how rioters should be held responsible? 

Sham Shui Po 06.10.2019

How Protesters have lied to smear the Police and cover up protester violence

​Wai Chai 01.01.2019

3D Reconstruction of the Yau Tong Falling Man Suicide / Accident

Yau Tong 13.01.2019

How Protester climbs off rooftop by himself, photo shows no Police was near him

Portland Street 24.12.2019

How Protesters made up disinformation about Dioxin in Tear Gas?

Hong Kong 01.11.2019

How rioters made up the  "undercover Police theory"

to cover up their own violence

Admiralty 31.08.2019

Protester jump off second floor himself at Yoho mall to avoid arrest and trial

Yoho Mall 24.12.2019

Why The Use of Undercover Police Is In Line with International Standards?

Overseas 28.09.2019

Police Shootings

Why Officer pulled and fired pistol at rioter is in accordance to Police code of conduct?

Sai Wan Ho 11.11.2019

"A Gun Versus Poster"

How Protesters setup this disinformation photo?

​Wai Chai 01.01.2019

"Laughing Police Fires Gun"

How Protesters setup this disinformation photo?

​Wai Chai 01.01.2019

How Rioters assaulted Police officers and forced them to fire self-defence shot

Tsuen Wan 01.10.2019

"Hong Kong Tank Man" 

How Protesters setup this  disinformation photo?

​Wai Chai 01.01.2019