News Archive of Under Reported Violence

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How Hong Kong Protesters destroy livelihood of others for own political gains

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Price Edward 31.08.2019

Rioters disused themselves as civilians after assaulted multiple passengers, including elderly and female on a train.

Kwai Chung 31.08.2019

An off-duty 45 years old police officer was assaulted by three man with knifes. He was stabbed so deep, bones are visible from his wound.

HK Airport 14.8.2019

A reporter with Chinese state newspaper Global Times, was imprisoned, kicked and hit with umbrellas repeatedly by protesters at the HK airp

Airport 13.08.2019

Protesters prevented innocent passengers from checking in. Angry confrontations between travellers and protesters blocking their path.

Kwai Hing 05.08.2019

Rioters attacks and threw petrol bombs into the Kwai Hing Police Station, police vehicles caught on fire.

Tsim Sha Tsui 04.08.2019

Rioters has thrown petrol bombs at the front door of the Police station. They have also used slingshots and catapult during the siege.

Tseung Kwan O 04.08.2019

Protesters throw rocks and uses giant slingshots to launch projectile at the police station, smashing their windows. Windows of the police station got badly damaged. Luckily it didn't hit anyone inside. Video clip of the giant sling shot in action. Source:

Mong Kok 03.08.2019

A civilian who confronted a group of rioters has been assaulted in the head with weapons. He also got laser pointed directly at his eyes.