News Archive of Under Reported Violence

Committed by Hong Kong Protesters

How Hong Kong Protesters destroy livelihood of others for own political gains

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Wong Tai Sin 01.10.2019

Rioters have been throwing petrol bombs directly at police officers. Officers have to fire live round to self-defense. Video of the event: Source:

Admiralty 01.10.2019

A civilian has been brutally assaulted by a group of rioters for simply taking photos of them. They tried to cover it up with umbrella.

Festival Walk 29.9.2019

During that protest, protestors wasted an absurd amount of tickets from Maxim's subsidiary restruants and obstruct them from doing business.

Yuen Long 22.09.2019

Two civilians quarreled with a group of protestors and were attacked with glass bottles, sticks, and umbrellas on Yuen Long Main Road.

Sha Tin 22.09.2019

A middle aged passerby was beaten unconscious by protestors for confronting. The recorder of this video Toby Guu also recieve death threats.

Shatin 22.09.2019

A shopping mall in Shatin has been badly damaged by the protesters during a protest.

Yuen Long 21.09.2019

A civilian has been assaulted by a group of rioters with weapons only because he attempted to remove some roadblocks.

Tuen Men 21.09.2019

Rioters have attacked, threw petrol bombs and even attempted to rob a Police gun during a rioting event.

Wan Chai 16.09.2019

A 49-year-old man was seriously injured after being attacked by a mob of black-clad masked protesters.

North Point 15.09.2019

Rioters gang beating up a civilian with weapons. The victim is severely injured in his head and arms.

Wan Chai 15.09.2019

Rioters throw petrol bombs directly at polices inside the Wan Chai MTR station.

Amoy Mall 14.09.2019

A women was bullied than recklessly pulled down an escalator by protesters for confronting them. She lost 3 of her front tooth in the fall.

Amoy Gardens 14.09.2019

Rioters have brutally beaten an elderly to unconsciousness for taking a photo. A women trying to protect him was also assaulted.

Po Lam Station 05.09.2019

The station Chief of Po Lam station has been bullied and assaulted by rioters for passing by when he was simply trying to go home.

Airport Express 01.09.2019

Protestoers threw bricks on the rails of the airport express outside Terminal 1, risking the lives of its passengers and forcing it to stopp