News Archive of Under Reported Violence

Committed by Hong Kong Protesters

How Hong Kong Protesters destroy livelihood of others for own political gains

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Mong Kok 09.12.2019

A man was hit in the head by a touch for confronting. He lost consciousness and was bleeding in his head and his nose.

Lam Tin Station 09.12.2019

Protestors preventing students on a school bus to goto school. They threw trash and plants on to the roads to block the roads.

Fortress Hill 08.12.2019

Hong Kong police arrested 11 frontline radicals and seized weapons, including a semi-automatic pistol.

Tin Shui Wai 05.12.2019

A fatal accident occurred at a junction with traffic lights destoryed by protestors. A 60-year-old man in an electric wheelchair was hit by

Mong Kok 01.12.2019

Rioters beating up civilians at will for simply taking pictures politely on the streets.

Hong Hum 01.12.2019

Civilian couple assaulted by a group of rioters near Hong Hum due to verbal dispute.