News Archive of Under Reported Violence

Committed by Hong Kong Protesters

How Hong Kong Protesters destroy livelihood of others for own political gains

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Mong Kok Police Station 30.01.2020

At around 5am in the morning, rioters have thrown multiple petrol bombs at the police station. Some civilians almost get hurt during the sce

Tin Shui Wai Police Station 29.01.2020

4 am in the morning rioters have thrown multiple petrol bombs at the Tin Shui Wai Police Station. Rioters have also smashed and thrown petrol bombs at a Bestmart 360 store (a store know to be anti-protester-violence) within a shopping center in Tin Shui Wai around 1am that day. Around 9pm at the same day, three Rioters have thrown 3 petrol bombs at the civilian roads directly in front of the Kwai Chung Police station. The rioters attacked the Police station with no warning, they fled after throwing the petrol bombs. Luckily no one was injured in the incident. Source:

Lion Rock Tunnel 29.01.2020

Protesters have blocked roads, smashed front window of bus and threw obstacles into subway rail to endanger the safety of civilians.

Mong Kok 26.01.2020

A HK civilian (not Wuhan) was repeatedly beaten in the head with weapons by rioters for almost 20 seconds. Victim only tried confront them.

Mong Kok 25.01.2020

Rioters have blocked roads around the area and threw objects at polices. A suspect has been arrested and tear gas has been used as a result.

Fai Ming Estate 26.01.2020

Rioters have set fire to a civilian building and blocked nearby roads because they are unhappy that the unoccupied building might be used as

Tin Shui Wai 20.01.2020

A middle aged man has been gang beaten by a group of rioters for suspected taking pictures of them. The man is injured in the head and face.

Wo Che Estate 19.01.2020

Two Maxims Group restaurants has been smashed by rioters again. The were families and civilians eating inside when they attacked.

Mong Kok 19.01.2020

A middle aged man got gang beaten by a group of rioters for confronting them. He was injured in the head.

Central 19.01.2020

Rioters have brutally attacked 3 unarmed police-civil Relations officers in the head with bricks and other hard objects.

Mong Kok 14.01.2020

Three university students has been arrested for making a pip bomb at an apartment in Mong Kok.

Copenhagen 13.01.2020

HK Protesters vandalized and hijacked the third historical statue as part of their own political promotion campaign.

Cheung Sha Wan 11.01.2020

3-5 rioters have attacked another Maxim's store with hammer, petrol bombs and corrosive liquid. A 35 year old female civilian was hurt in th

Tseung Kwan O 09.01.2020

Protesters destroyed civilian roads for bricks and smashed multiple traffic lights following one of their gathering event.

Sham Shui Po 06.01.2020

Two rioters have attacked an anti-protest-violence restaurant with petrol bombs while there were customers still inside.

Sheung Shui 05.01.2020

Rioters have thrown petrol bombs into the Sheung Shui Police station. A Police petrol car has been caught into flames.