News Archive of Under Reported Violence

Committed by Hong Kong Protesters

How Hong Kong Protesters destroy livelihood of others for own political gains

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Mong Kok 29.02.2020

Rioters have blocked roads and set fire to multiple places in Mong Kok in one of their protesting events.

Mong Kok 29.02.2020

Rioters have blocked the path of a van, than threatened and slapped a civilian passenger in the face.

Tolo Highway 29.02.2020

Protesters have threw rocks and oil onto the Tolo Highway in an attempt to block traffic from a bridge near Chinese University.

Sheung Shui 28.02.2020

The Police Dormitory with civilians and kids has been attacked with petrol bombs by rioters for the second time in the month.

Time Square 21.02.2020

A female police supporters has been assaulted by protesters who have gathered, she was injured in her head and bleed heavily.

Tai Wai Station 20.02.2020

A box bound by tape with words “Hong Kong National Independence Party” was found on the train tracks. Case classified as “Bomb Hoax”.

Kowloon Bay 16.02.2020

A group of protesters have vandalized and thrown multiple trash containers, attempting to block the roads near a residential area.

Tin Sau Station 15.02.2020

Protester set fire to a card reader at Tin Sau Light Rail station. They also threw obstacles on on road and rails to jeopardize safety.

Lei Muk Shue 14.02.2020

For the second time, the Mrs Wu York Yu Health Centre has been attacked with petrol bombs by rioters.

Sheung Shui 13.02.2020

A Police Dormitory with civilians and kids has been attacked with petrol bombs by rioters. Two vehicles has been damage.

Sha Tin Wai 12.02.2020

Protesters have placed bomb dummies in two locations of the MTR public transport. Bomb squad team have to evacuate site to ensure safety.

Tseung Kwan O 08.02.2020

A gang of rioters have smashed traffic lights, block and set fire on the roads and even drop traffic cone from top of a building at polices

Lei Muk Shue 08.02.2020

Protester have threw petrol bombs at the air ventilation device located at the roof of the Mrs Wu York Yu Health Centre.

Yau Ma Tei 06.02.2020

Police have arrested 4 people when they raided a hotel room near the area. Over 10 petrol bombs, explosive & corrosive liquid and tools has been found on the spot. A off-duty police officer has managed to track down rioters who have thrown petrol bombs in various locations, reveling this hotel room. Source:

Tin Shui Wai 04.02.2020

A civilian man accused & "declared guilty" by protesters of being "undercover police". He was repeatedly kicked in the face.

Lai Chi Kok 04.02.2020

Rioters have placed and set ablaze a large amount of coal inside a disabled toilet facility inside a governmental building.

Tin Shui 04.02.2020

Rioters have set fire to civilian train stations roads. They have also vandalized the front window of trains to prevent services.

Lo Wu Station 02.02.2020

Two explosive devices found on a passenger train were remotely set off. A Pro-protest Telegram channel have claimed they are behind this.

Mong Kok 01.02.2020

Destruction and removal of roadside safety fences by protesters leads to unnecessary tragedy - man trips and killed by oncoming traffic.