News Archive of Under Reported Violence

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How Hong Kong Protesters destroy livelihood of others for own political gains

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Prince Edward 31.03.2020

Rioters have been setting fire on civilian roads and throwing petrol bombs into a police facility. Police have arrested multiple rioters.

Mong Kok Train Track 31.03.2020

Rioters have threw multiple petrol bombs at the train track the station. A 29 years old female was injured according to Cable TV News.

Wan Chai 30.03.2020

When an on-duty police officer was stopping a motorcycle for illegal driving, the driver refused to stop and ramped through him.

Happy Valley 30.03.2020

Rioters have attacked the Police Station with multiple petrol bombs. A civilian vehicle has been damage in the process.

Siu Sai Wan 26.03.2020

Police have seized ~1,000 bullet shells, explosive chemicals and a suspected pistol from a civilian apartment. 3 suspects has been arrested.

Sheung Shui 23.03.2020

For the forth time within a month, the Sheung Shui Police Dormitory has been attacked with multiple petrol bombs.

Tuen Mun 23.03.2020

A rock has been deliberately dropped from heights and hit a on-duty Police officer. The officer was injured and bleeding in the head.

Yuen Long 21.03.2020

A rioter assaulted the back of the head of an on-duty Police office. A reporter was in the way when the Polices was trying to arrest him.

Yuen Long 21.03.2020

Rioters have been blocking roads, throwing petrol bombs and setting up fire in civilian areas during one of their "protest".

Mong Kok 12.03.2020

Rioters blocking and started fire on civilian roads after one of their recent gathering events.

Tai Kok Tsui 09.03.2020

After arresting 17 people and seized 2.6 tonnes of explosives in raids, Police are removing the chemicals from a building.

Sheung Shui 08.03.2020

Rioters have attacked the married Police dormitory where kids and civilian lives, with petrol bombs for the third time in a month.

Tseung Kwan O 08.03.2020

PSHK have reported that a middle aged drunken man has "dropped on the floor" with head "bleeding" after having an augment with protesters.

Tai Po 08.03.2020

Rioters have blocked the roads and vandalized medical center in the area for treating Covid-19 patients.

Tai Po 08.03.2020

Police have arrested 17 suspect for previous bombing attacks. Three work in progress bombs and 2.6 tons of chemicals has been seized.

Tsuen Wan 06.03.2020

A rioter in black has thrown a petrol bomb at a MTR depot. An off duty police attempted to catch the suspect, but he escaped.

Ngau Tau Kok 02.03.2020

Rioters have poured corrosive liquid from the top of a building and injured a police officer who was investigating in the area.

Shau Kei Wan 01.03.2020

Rioters attack and vandalize office of an political party which opposes them. They Spray painted and attempted to smash their entrance.

Kowloon Bay 01.03.2020

Rioters have attacked another medical center with petrol bomb for treating Covid-19 patients. Fortunately no one was hurt in the incident.

Mong Kok 29.02.2020

Rioters have attacked assaulted multiple Polices with bricks, objects and petrol bombs. Officers have been injured and raise gun to defend.