News Archive of Under Reported Violence

Committed by Hong Kong Protesters

How Hong Kong Protesters destroy livelihood of others for own political gains

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Tin Shui Wai 27.05.2020

Rioters have smashed two civilian stores in a shopping mall. The stores were targeted because they have condemned protester violence before.

Mong Kok 27.05.2020

Rioters have blocked civilian roads and started an explosion near heavily populated civilian areas.

Kwai Hing 27.05.2020

Terrorists have threw obstacles and sharp objects on main railways and high speed roads to deliberately cause civilian causalities.

Causeway Bay 24.05.2020

Rioters have smashed multiple traffic lights, commercial stores and set fire on civilian roads. Police have to use tear gas to disperse.

Causeway Bay 24.05.2020

A lawyer has been brutally assaulted by a group of rioters with weapons for confronting them. He was heavily injured in his head. Source:

Causeway Bay 24.05.2020

A brave civilian girl has been assaulted by a group of rioters with weapons for attempting to remove their roadblocks.

Kwun Tong 21.05.2020

Rioters have set fire and road blocks near a major civilian roads. Glass, fire accelerant and five gas cans has been found at the scene.

New Town Plaza 13.05.2020

During a protesting event, rioters have smashed civilian drinks store simply because the brand is from Mainland China.

Mong Kok 10.05.2020

After conflicting with polices, rioters have carried on to started fire near a dense civilian area near Mong Kok.

Tin Shui Wai 06.05.2020

A group of Rioters have bullied and kicked a middle aged women in the head for taking pictures of them.

Kowloon Bay 02.05.2020

Police have found explosive devices, 10 kg of hazardous chemicals such as cyanide and 4 kg of explosives in an abandoned school facility.