News Archive of Under Reported Violence

Committed by Hong Kong Protesters

How Hong Kong Protesters destroy livelihood of others for own political gains

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Time Square 01.07.2020

Rioters have deliberately dropped a heavily weighted metal queue pole from high up at Police officers. Nearly causing severe injuries.

01.07.2020 Causeway Bay

Rioters have smashed and threw petrol bombs at civilian stores. They have also blocked roads and set fire in crowded areas.

Causeway Bay 01.07.2020

A rioter have deliberately stomped his foot at the head of a on-duty Police Officer, nearly severely injuring him.

Yuen Long 10.06.2020

A pro-protest supporter has been arrested by Police for in possession of a real pistol and 390 bullets.

Wan Chai 08.06.2020

Two pro-protest suspects have been arrested for purchasing chemicals for making explosives and firearms models.